The Great Mailbox Adventure

Hoodlums struck my old pot-metal mailbox, so I replaced it with an $8 plastic one. I figured I would take the easy way out and if they struck it again, I would take decisive action.

They struck it again, so I took decisive action. My neighbor Joe and I used a 4x8-foot sheet of eighth-inch steel plate and several different welding machines to build a custom box and weld it to a 12-inch I-beam. The concrete base alone weighs over 300 pounds. The 5x12-inch I-beam is 54 inches long; about two-and-a-half feet are in the ground. Behold the finished product.

Joe has since joined the mailbox arms race, using all the lessons we learned from mine, with a Gibralter-like box he calls the "Animaul." It too has 300 pounds of concrete, but the steel is 50% thicker than mine and the I-beam is at least foot longer. Get you some!

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