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2002 Greenwich Invitational _Canon S10_.jpg

Ben and Charles turn 40 _Canon S10_.jpg

Ben and Katherine _Canon S30_ 2002.jpg

Brett_s croquet lawn _Canon S10 and stitching software_ 2000.jpg

California Asters _Canon S10_ 2000.jpg

Coco the Abyssinian _Canon S10_.JPG

Corinthian-Ionic capital in Italy _Canon S10_ 2001.JPG

Daphne boathouse _Canon S10_ 2000.jpg

Daphne_ Alabama _Casio EXZ-750_ 2005.jpg

Disney World 2000 _Canon S10_.jpg


Gargoyle_ Newport _Canon S10_ 2000.JPG

Hage hurricane visit _Nikon 5700_ 2004.jpg

Italy 2001 _Canon S10_.jpg

Labor Day _Canon S10_ 2001.JPG

Lakeside Field Club _Casio EXZ-750_.jpg

London 2004 _Nikon 5700_.jpg

Moo _Canon S10_ 2000.jpg

NYC 2005 _Casio EX-Z750_.jpg

Ridgefield Community Center _Casio EXZ-750_ 2005.jpg

Ridgefield Fountain _Casio Ex-Z750_ 2005.jpg

Sledding _Nikon 5700_ 2002.JPG

The kids _Canon S10_ 2002.jpg

The Officers of West Mountain Croquet Club _Canon S10_ 2001.jpg

Wests_ Moreheads_ McClains and Carrolls _Canon EOS-D30_ 2001.jpg

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