American six-wicket croquet is a game that has it all: the strategy of chess, the physics of billiards, the “touch” of putting, and the barbarity of boxing. Learn more about this engrossing and unheralded sport at the Greenwich Croquet Club.

Shooting Sports


I enjoy sporting clays, skeet and trap. I have shot 25-straight in both skeet and trap, but sporting clays is a different matter. My best sporting clays score is in the 70's and that's on an easy course at Skytop Lodge. At Orvis Sandannona, a much more difficult course, my scores are usually in the 50's or low 60's. A directory of shooting ranges by state is available at Shotgun Sports.


My new HK USP40 Compact shoots even tighter groups than its big brother, the USP40. My first group at 50 feet was delightful.

About gun safety

Would your child know what to do if he came across a gun at your house or a friend's house? Both of my children know exactly what to do: "STOP. Don't touch. Leave the area. Tell an adult." That is the simple and apolitical message of the Eddie Eagle gun safety program. The Eddie Eagle video should be required viewing for all young children.

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