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Ben Morehead is married to Katherine Halden Morehead and we are the proud parents of two beautiful children. This web site has had visitors from 80 countries. Enjoy your visit.
Cool sites & software
Choice sites and must-have utilities.
Digital photos
Zeros and ones from Canon, Nikon and Casio.

Home theater
Hi-def with a 10-foot screen and DTS sound.
House Calls
Ron Hazelton's TV show films at the Morehead’s.
John Singer Sargent
The paintings I wish were hanging in my home.
My mailbox adventure
Thwarting hoodlums is so much fun.
Morehead genealogy
A history by Charles R. Morehead of Missouri.
My MP3 collection.
My PC and home LAN
Custom made from best-of-breed components.
Poetry, essays and quotes
Morsels of uncanny truth, insight and poignancy.
Secret Stuff
11,000 hi-res photos for friends and family.
Ponzi Social Security
A present value analysis.
Some manly, some not. All cool.
What works these hands have wrought. . .
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